There was much fanfare last week surrounding West Ashley High School’s annual Mr. and Miss West Ashley Pageant. Held in the school’s auditorium, this year’s pageant featured 34 students competing for the crowns. But in the end, only one male and one female student would become Wildcat royalty. In the end the four judges decided to crown seniors Jerome Smalls and Emma Hart Mr. and Miss West Ashley 2015.
“Winning Mr. West Ashley means a number of honorable things to me. More than anything of all, it has given me a sense of fulfillment,” said Smalls. “I work tirelessly for my school and I have dedicated a lot of time to leave a lasting contribution to West Ashley High School. Winning Mr. WA has been the Epitome of my desire for excellence and all that I do. Truly a honorable, symbolic award.”
The first runner-ups were Dylan Searson and Patricia Cooper and the second runner-ups were Hunter Price and Hanna Sirisky. Shea James and Kara Williams rounded out he top five for the girls and Alex Byrd and Eddie Conde for the boys.
Unlike some of the previous pageants, this year’s did not begin with a dance. Instead, the pageant began with the costume competition. This year’s costume theme was historical couples. As everyone stepped out onto the stage, the audience got a glimpse into the past — from Hercules to Marilyn Monroe, Uncle Sam to Pocahontas, Rosie the Riveter to Charlie Brown, Prince William to President Barrack Obama..
After the costume competition, all the contestants came out on stage in their formal wear. The boys came out in stylish suits, while the girls donned dresses that glistened in the spotlight. In addition to the suits and dresses, all the contestants were wearing big smiles for the judges and audience, while their bios were read by the evening’s emcees.
Lastly, there was the interview segment of the pageant. The top 10 contestants had to stay cool under pressure while they answered questions in front of the judges. Some of the questions included: “What is one of your strengths and what is one of your weaknesses?” “Why do you deserve to win?” “What was the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you?”
In the end it was Smalls and Hart who won over the judges. Both excellent students and people, Smalls and Hart will undoubtedly represent West Ashley High well in 2015 and beyond.

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