Not only is March’s Student of the Month Caitlin Walker an outstanding student, but the junior is also an outstanding athlete for both the West Ashley High School Varsity Volleyball Team and the Archery Team. Walker is one of those rare students who is mature beyond her years, obtaining the respect and attention of her teachers and classmates alike. The mere fact that Walker was nominated by two teachers at the high school is an indication that she has gained the respect of those around her.
“Caitlin is an exemplary student in every sense of the word. She is kind, levelheaded, driven, intelligent, and a strong leader,” says Zoology teacher Joseph Jutzi, “Our school would be lucky to have more students like Caitlin walking the hallways.”
If you say the name Caitlin Walker at West Ashley High School there is no doubt that you will be greeted with a positive response. When asked if she had any advice for her fellow classmates, Walker emphasized that everyone should “Always strive for something you believe in. Don’t let others get in the way of that.” This simple statement holds true in everything that she does.
Always a good leader and role model for others, Walker believes that her biggest strengths are that she is very independent and also confident in her abilities as a student, as an athlete, and as a leader. “Caitlin is a leader in my class. She will often stay after class to help other students who are struggling with a skill. I feel that she is one of the most respectful and helpful students I have ever had,” says Archery Team coach, Thomas Cousins. “Not only is she a Varsity Volleyball player, she also serves as a Captain for the Archery Team.”
Always one for being humble, Walker says “It means a lot that two teachers nominated me.” Upon finding out she was chosen as Student of the Month, she said
“It’s an honor to be recognized for my hard work and leadership in the classroom and when playing sports.”
One of the people that she admires most is her dad because “he’s very supportive of everything that I do and is always there for me,” says Walker. When not playing volleyball, shooting arrows, or studying, Walker also likes to hunt and fish in the woods. She really can do it all.
Walker works hard in the classroom, on the court, and on a team, always gives one 100 percent of her time, her energy, and her attention. Being able to hunt and fish on her own further demonstrates Walker’s earlier stated strengths of being an independent and confident person. Always one to know exactly what she wants to do, after high school, she hopes to attend Clemson University where she will study Wildlife Biology.
Even though she is not one hundred percent sure what she will do for a living, Walker says that “it will have to be a job that I enjoy doing.” No matter what that job may be we know that Walker will give it her all and demonstrate her sense of leadership and dedication that has earned her the respect of teachers and students alike.

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