West Ashley High School’s Trebuchet Team, Trebu-Tronix, made a big impact on the “Storm the Citadel!” competition on Saturday, Feb. 14.
Competing in the Centurion division, WAHS and the other teams were challenged to design and build a trebuchet (a type of catapult) within design specifications. The trebuchet had to safely and accurately launch a standard lacrosse ball in a manner that would accurately hit a target set anywhere between 50-200 feet away. This year the target was placed 112 feet away.
At the annual “Storm the Citadel!” Trebuchet Competition, WAHS’s Trebuchet Team came back with fantastic results. Out of 78 teams that came from all over the country, WAHS’s Trebuchet Team, Trebu-Tronix, competed against teams that included a variety of ages and skill sets such as elementary schools, colleges, and even military and corporate teams.
In what was the most impressive part of the entire competition for West Ashley High’s Trebu-Tronix loss to SPAWAR and BSA in the Distance Competition by ONLY 50 feet.
West Ashley High’s Trebu-Tronix team placement Storm the Citadel!
• 1st Place among all Middle and High Schools
• 2nd Place for Best Design in the High School Division
• 3rd Place for Most Accurate Trebuchet in the High School Division
• 3rd Place in Distance Competition out every trebuchet there

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