West Ashley High School recently hosted the Low-country VEX Robotics Challenge. The robotics event was designed for middle and high school students across the state of South Carolina.
Students from all over the state came together to battle against each other with the robots they themselves created. West Ashley High created three robots to compete in the event.
One of the robots did remarkably well, helping the West Ashley High School A Team finish the competition with a record of 8-1. The A Team made it through the qualification matches ranked as the number one overall seed. Even though they won the first round of playoffs, the West Ashley High A Team, led by instructor Nicholas Holmes, missed out on making it to the finals by only three points.
Although they didn’t make it to the finals, the team did not go home empty handed. They placed third in the Best Autonomous Program and the students on the team were ranked as the seventh best drivers (out of 25 teams).

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