Taco Spot serves up a multitude of meatless options

It’s February and love is in the air. Cupid has released his arrow and your boo is just waiting to hear those three magic words: “Let’s get tacos.”

Lucky for you, Taco Spot has you covered. This cozy neighborhood gem has been slinging tacos, burritos, and quesadillas since 2008. Their tiny taco shop expanded in 2015 to add a full bar and additional seating. Adorned with brightly colored paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, the place has the feel of a bustling Mexican night market. The space is small and feels intimate, so settle in.

As their space expanded, so too did their menu, adding even more meatless options for you and your vegetarian valentine. Your food is going to come out quickly, the kitchen staff doesn’t mess around, so if you want to enjoy some time with your main squeeze, its best to start with some chips, dips, and a drink. Their chips are hands down the best in town, thin and crispy every time, and a perfect vehicle for their green tomatillo salsa or traditional red. Wash it down with one of their signature cocktails. Their Texas mule is the bomb, featuring spicy Blenheim’s ginger ale and a jalapeño garnish. It’s one of many nods to the Lonestar state, home of co-owner Lindsey Vaughn, who owns Taco Spot along with her husband Jason “JV” Vaughn.

While you’re filling up on chips, and wondering what a vegetarian can eat in a Texas-themed taco joint, loosen your belt and order a vegetarian taco or burrito. They’re both loaded with black beans, red rice, cheese, and pico de gallo. 

And for the pescatarian, try Taco Spot’s famous fish tacos. Get the original fish, which is a pan seared mild flaky fish with cilantro aioli or blackened. There’s also a fried catfish taco and recently added BBQ fried shrimp taco on the dealer’s choice menu. 

If that’s not enough you can add grilled veggies for .50 cents. If you are staying meat-free, avoid the Carolina dirty rice (beef broth and chorizo), and refried beans (salt pork). All the other sides are safe for vegetarians to enjoy. If you’re not feeling the whole tortilla thing, try a burrito bowl or a taco salad, both of which are delicious without the extra carbs.

By now you’re probably too full for a piece of tres leches cake (shame on you), so finish off your romantic evening with an Old Austin, a sweet take on an old fashioned with praline syrup, Luxardo cherry, orange peel, and Kentucky bourbon.

With everything Taco Spot has to offer, your vegetarian date probably went pretty well… you should both come back tomorrow for a breakfast burrito. 

Aaron O’Brien is a native of Great Britain and now lives in Charleston. He and his wife Christina make up local musical duo Oh Valentino. They eat out far too much and when not performing, can usually be found exploring vegan, vegetarian, and pescetarian options at various restaurants around West Ashley.

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