Patricia Cooper is a big asset to the West Ashley High School community. Since her freshman year, she’s been involved in almost every school activity and event. She’s a part of Teacher Cadet and Teach the Need, the co-captain of the Cheerleading squad, a part of the drama and chorus programs, and co-editor the school yearbook.
Cooper is one of those students who brings enthusiasm and school spirit wherever she goes. No matter what’s going on around her, you will always see a smile on Patricia’s face. Cooper says that one of her strengths is being a people-person.
Cooper is a hard worker and dedicated to what to the task at hand. “As editor of the Yearbook, Patricia has been invaluable in my yearbook class,” says WAHS yearbook teacher, Matt Ishee.
According to Ishee, the yearbook team has a 65-page deadline next week and have just started the semester with all new students needing to get caught up and learn the software, write all of the articles, take pictures, and learn how to work with each other in a short period of time. “[Cooper] has helped this new class grasp and soar. If I didn’t have her in this class, I doubt that we could have made this next deadline,” says Ishee. “She is a rock star!”
Cooper also helps make major decisions for the yearbook and even sometimes teaches the class herself. She says that being able to help teach the yearbook class has been great practice for her future career.
After graduation, Cooper plans to attend College of Charleston and pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education. In 10 years, Patricia sees herself as a kindergarten teacher.
WAHS principal William Runyon says he selected her as the West Of Student of the Month because she is a visionary student leader among the outstanding Class of 2015.
“As a Teacher Cadet, Cheerleader, member of West Ashley drama and chorus productions, she constantly is working to help our school, her senior class, and our community better themselves,” says Runyon. “She always takes on new challenges and gives her best effort, while routinely qualifying for honor roll and ranking in the top 5 percent of her class.”
One of Cooper’s biggest inspirations in life is her mom. “She’s a hardworking person who puts others before herself,” says Cooper, who hopes to be like her when she grows up. It seems she’s well on her way.
When asked what advice she would give to others, Patricia says: “Always get involved because it never hurts to try something new. You might end up loving it. Take every opportunity you have and help others because it can make you happier.”
As sponsors of the West Of Student of the Month, Paisano’s PIzza Grill will provide the student with a T-shirt and a gift certificate to the restaurant, located at 1789 Ashley River Road.

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