Graffiti Artist — made the ChART sign in Alycia Alley

Describe your art: Graffiti on walls, large canvases, or miniature murals on paper. Graffiti like abstracts. I like shapes and colors.

Were you an Artsy Kid: Yes, I liked making something out of nothing with my dad.

Earliest creation memory: I remember scribbling.

Finest of Colors:  Electric Blue

Favorite Tool: Angle Grinder

Influencers: Crosby Jack first got me into spray painting. My brother Geoff got into it with me and introduced me to Patch Whiskey and John Punt. I really like their work.

Next big thing: I’d like to have another wall. One that won’t be torn down. (James painted a mural on the old Fabulon building.

At what would you like to be better: Spray painting, illustration, and wood-working.

Do you have a routine:  NO!

Superpower: Going with the flow. Being able to change it up and not sticking to one thing, art-wise anyway.


Artist are notoriously hard on themselves, what is this like for you: I was more like that in high school and college, but I learned to deal with it.

Because you are artsy, people think:  Create things out of the blue and design things for them.

Clear Seeing Place: My backyard. I am hoping for an art shed out there.

Why does Art Matter: Through art you can show your true colors. You can make anything you desire.

Why are you beautiful:  Is that a real Question? My humor? It is unique.

Susan Irish is the founder and owner of Fabulon – Center for Art and Education.  Each month she inrterviews a different local artist.

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