Charlotte Fraser

Describe your work:
I am a representational artist. I use watercolor and acrylic to paint portraits, pets, people, and places.

As an artsy person, people expect you can:

Write trivia answers in fancy script, make a poster, be a wedding photographer.

How does being artistic spill over into the rest of your life:
It is the lens in which I see the world: in compositions and colors

Mantra or routine:
I have a familiar pattern while painting. Start at the bottom of a hill on the empty canvas or paper where it is intimidating. Work on one little piece at a time. Self-doubt and questioning come but I keep working until I get to top of the hill, and I look at it and I see the end and realize I got this.  The process works and I keep on going.

A bad day in your practice:
When it takes longer to get up that hill.

I am optimistic. That goes a long way.

At what are you inefficient:
Self-discipline would solve many problems for me.

Finest of all the colors:

Favorite tool:
Water. I use water-based tools.

Huge influences:
Two art teachers growing up have impacted the course of my life. I wanted to be like them. And my mother, Mary Troutman Carroll, who was artist. She was a jewelry maker. She used beads and I saw her make stuff.  She encouraged me and exposed me to ideas.

Good Art:
Craftsmanship really matters.

Bad Art:
Lazy = bad art.

Why does art matter:
It is important to people. It is mostly a positive force in the world that always mattered. I view our world and nature as the best form of art and of course that matters because we are living in it.

Why are you beautiful:
My Mom was positive and optimistic and passed on to me the idea that life is 10% what happens verse 90% what you do with it. I am having a joyful life.

.Susan Irish is the founder and owner of Fabulon — Center for Art and Education. Interested in being featured? If you’re a visual artist living or working in West Ashley, drop a line with your contact info and speciality to

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