Why Does Art Matter?

Eight local artists were asked this question, this is what they said

Henry Wolfe | Expressionist Painter
There has to be a medium on the earth to show creativeness, what I do with my hands matters. It blurs the lines.

Kristi Ryba | Painter Printmaker
It forces you to look at things differently. When you look at something and realize that was made by the human hand, it matters.

Karl Zurflüh | Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Muralist
It is an emotional outlet. When we can’t say something it can come out in a creation. It is an expression of an emotion. Everybody is art. Without it, life would be flat emotionless, and without passion.

Heather Powers | Artist and Creative Organizer
Art can help make personal connections. I believe we all need to deeply connect, to see one another differently, to solve problems, and open minds to new ideas. If we look long enough we’ll find something we like.

Camela Guevara | Fiber Artist, Painter
It is therapeutic. For me it is a special way to communicate the space I am in. It gives me a sense of pride. Art is fundamental. Everything with which we interact was designed. What I do never gets old even though sewing and weaving are ancient. I am blown away by how fresh it can feeI. I like that what I do gives a nod to grandma.

Lynne Riding | Abstract Artist
Art allows a culture a voice be it of a serious nature or playful. Allows an artist the freedom of expression. Allows a child to develop confidence in themselves. Allows for sharing and enjoying.

Tami Boyce | Illustrator
It represents creativity. It is a beautiful representation of a person that sets us aside from the cyborgs.

Judy McSween | Painter
It is a document of a time, it’s a record of what’s going on, how people react to what’s going on. It’s the most important thing in the world. We need art to live.

Susan Irish is the founder and owner of Fabulon – Center for Art and Education. Each month she inrterviews a different local artist.

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