Courtney Trevino

West Ashley Vinyl Shop Owner, teacher, DIY crafter

Describe what you do:

I use a special printer type cutting machine that allows for shapes and text to be cut out of paper, vinyl, fabric, or heat transfer materials for fashion, home goods, and businesses.

Why does this matter?

The machines and process can be intimidating. We can help. We are small and local with everything needed. DIY is a 400-billion-dollar industry.

Are you an expert?

Not yet…..But I can help people and people help me. I want to have a club type atmosphere, a place where enthusiast can share ideas.

Teach me something?

It is amazing what this machine can do. You can take your design and make it come out on heat transfer material or a magnetic sheet then apply it to anything. It’s your work, you made it.

Ah Ha moment?

That I can have the best of all worlds. My life with kids and husband, a business, and my hobby. I am in my happy place.

Best part of your world?

Making something I designed is very rewarding. And at the shop every day someone comes in and says: “I am so glad you are here”.

Were you an artsy kid?

I loved to color. I sang in the chorus at Middleton High School, West Ashley.

What’s next?

Add a gallery of customer’s work, finished products to buy, and make and take events.

Why does Art Matter?

It keeps me connected to my grandmother. It is part of my everyday life.

Why are you beautiful?

I feel that I am real. What you see, is, what you get. I love to do things for other people.

Susan Irish is the founder and owner of Fabulon – Center for Art and Education. Each month she inrterviews a different local artist. Contact her at (843) 566-3383.

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