West Ashley High School freshman tennis player Abbi Hulsey has won all four of her matches so far this season and has helped the Wildcats to a 4-0 start. “Abbi has been a great addition to the Girls Tennis team. She brings a lot of experience and competitiveness both on and off of the court,” said WAHS girls tennis coach Jaima Kennedy. “Since Abbi is a Freshman, we hope to have four great years with her on our team. All in all, she is a good student and a great person – very well-rounded.”
Last Year Hulsey trained at Family Circle and has become an essential part of the WAHS girls tennis team since she joined as a freshman. She’s very involved outside of tennis as well. Hulsey enjoys horseback riding and has years of experience playing the guitar.
“I have enjoyed playing on the West Ashley High’s Girls Tennis team this year. I really like tennis and am glad that I can play with such a great group of people,” says Hulsey.

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