With football season over, Ja’Quan Gallant needed something else to fill his time. So he took up wrestling. In the past 16 matches of the season, Gallant has won 12 of them. In addition, he has led the West Ashley wrestling team with six wins in two tournaments.
Gallant has finished in the top 12 out of 60 teams in the Coastal Crash and went 2-1 at the Rebel Invitational. The junior wrestler loves competitions, which has been demonstrated with his recent matches. “Wrestling is a ‘competing sport,’ and I love competing,” says Gallant.
“[Gallant] is the type of young man that you can point to and say, ‘Follow his example’, whether it be in class, on the mat or amongst friends,” says his coach Brian McNairy. “ He is a leader by example and lets his actions do his talking. Bottom line, Ja’Quan is a classy young man with a very bright future.”

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