Brian Canady, a long-term substitute teacher for Kelly Educational Staffing (KES), was recently selected as the district substitute teacher of the year. Canady began as a substitute for CCSD in August of 2013 before KES began providing substitute teachers to the District in October of 2013.
Currently, Canady is serving as a long-term substitute at West Ashley High School, as their Edgenuity teacher. He says he always felt a calling to be a part of formal education and this was his opportunity. Canady believes that “education is the most important aspect of being a valuable influence to humanity and to all to which it is connected.”
“Mr. Canady’s classrooms are always student-centered, well managed, and focused on positive outcomes,” said William Runyon, principal of WAHS. “He collaborates with our team in a productive manner and truly works toward the accomplishment of our school mission each day.”
“Substitute teachers play a pivotal role in the overall success of students and Mr. Canady is an excellent example of a quality substitute teacher,” said Becky Jennings, senior account manager for Kelly Educational Staffing in Charleston. “His management skills and rapport with students is clear upon entering his classroom. We are so proud of his work and value his commitment to the district and to education”
Before Canady became a KES substitute teacher he was a senior vice president in the retail banking industry where he was responsible for coaching, training, and developing talent to reach higher levels of performance. Utilizing his expertise, he is able to offer these skills and talents to students, and serve as an inspiration to them. “Building their self esteem makes students believers and if they believe they can achieve, they will achieve,” said Canady.
For more information regarding this year’s district substitute teacher of the year, please contact Donnie Newton at (843).573.1201 ext. 4405.

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