Students like Stephen Maddy are the reason that people become teachers. “He is such an incredible student, always willing to help out in any way that he can,” says Donald Newton, spokesperson for West Ashley High School. Maddy became involved with WAHS’s Work-Based Learning Program last year as a sophomore and has really come into his own as a junior. He spends third period every day of the semester working as the IT technician on-campus, going around fixing teacher’s computers, printers, smartboards, installing programs, etc
“He has totally spoiled all of us because anytime anyone has an issue with a piece of technology you always hear, ‘Stephen will fix it,’ ‘Stephen will know what to do.’ Oftentimes, he’s mistaken for another teacher or faculty member because of how mature he acts,” says Newton.
“I have really enjoyed helping out the teachers and staff at West Ashley High. I feel like this has been a great opportunity for me and has opened many doors for my future both while I’m here at Wes tAshley High and once I graduate,” says Maddy.
“Working with computers has been something I’ve always liked to do but being able to be a work-based intern and work to fix technology issues everyday has been a very helpful experience in that it is helping me to decide and get better at what I will do once I graduate. It has provided some great real-world experience.” According to Newton, one of the best things about Maddy is that he never hesitates to help out.
No matter the time or situation. Recently at WAHS’s Homecoming game, Newton needed someone to take pictures during the crowing of the Homecoming Queen. Even though Maddy was at the game with his friends, he agreed to do it. He spent most of the first and into the second quarter taking pictures. Then he came back and took some of the halftime festivities as well.
“This is just one of about a 100 similar examples that I could give about the kind of student and person that Stephen Maddy is,” says Newton. “I count myself very fortunate that I get to work with someone like this who values what he does, who wants to work hard, who strives to help others and make things better. Thank you Stephen for everything that you do at West Ashley High!”
For being West Of’s Student of the Month for the month of September, Stephen Maddy will receive a $10 Paisano’s gift card and a Paisano’s T-shirt. Paisano’s Pizza Grill is located at 1798 Ashley River Road. For more information call 818-4969 or visit

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