B.J. Coakley has been playing basketball for the last decade. He has really made his mark on West Ashley High School’s Varsity Boys’ Basketball Team over the course of his four years at the high school. This season alone, he’s averaged 9.2 points, 4.2 assists, and 3.1 steals per game.  During WAHS’s last home game against crosstown rival James Island High School, Coakley helped WAHS dominate the Trojans by making a total of 12 points along with 6 assists, with a final score of 69-46.
“B.J. has been the starting point guard for the West Ashley Wildcats for the past two seasons.  He is an excellent leader on the court who sets a high standard for himself and his teammates,“ says head coach Ronnie DuPre. “B.J. will be known as one of the best point guards to have played at West Ashley High School. His combination of athletic ability, a desire to improve each day, and seriousness as a student makes B.J. a valuable member of the basketball program.”
While his love for the game started while playing with his buddies, Coakley has that natural ability on the court. According to Coakley, he loves making his family proud when he’s on the court and every time he plays. His goal is to get better. Coakley has a strong and undying love for basketball and he believes that the most important thing is “to stay true to yourself.”

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