Eric Kinloch is officially the first freshman to be West Of’s Athlete of the Week. This year as a point guard for the West Ashley High Scholl junior varsity basketball team, he is showing great potential to what he might do in the next three years. 
Since he was 4 years old, Kinloch has been running around the court as if playing basketball was part of his nature. Like every Athlete of the Week, Kinloch also loves competing and it is that competitive drive that pushes him.
“He is an outstanding player and student. He is the team leader of the undefeated Boys JV basketball team and is also a straight-A student,” says Kinloch’s coach, Ronnie DuPre. “Eric is everything a student-athlete should strive to become. He is extremely competitive on the court and works hard to become a better player each day.” In addition, DuPre, says there is little doubt that Kinloch will be starting on the varsity team next year for the Wildcats.

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