As an 8-year-old, Madison Ryan began to cheer competitively. It was, and currently is, the sport she chooses to play (Yes, cheerleading is a sport everybody). West Ashley High School assistant coach Sandy O’Dell believes Maddie to be “An awesome cheerleader and athlete. She works hard to compete on a higher level,” says O’Dell. “Maddie is kind to her teammates and encourages hard work and success.”
As a cheerleader, Ryan assumes a position of flyer: the one who gets thrown in the air during a performance. However, when she’s older, she wants to fly into the medical field and become a nurse first, then a surgeon. Being inspired by her parents and coaches to be the best she could be, Ryan seems poised to fly to the top.
Ryan currently knows how to do a back handspring and is working hard to master the double back handspring in hopes that it will help the team in its next competition. Head Coach Melissa Stewart could not be more proud of Ryan and her abilities. She says that, “Maddie is a key part of our competitive squad. She’s a strong athlete who pushes her teammates to do their best.”

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