Felicia Castro is one of West Ashley High School’s Work-Based Interns, working everyday during 4th period designing banners for the school’s website. At the end of the year, she will be a Career & Technology Education Completer, with her focus being the Web & Digital Communications Career Major. Being in the top 10 percent of her class, Castro is clearly dedicated to her studies, but she is also a dedicated and loyal friend to those she is close to.
When designing banners for the school’s website, Castro works hard to create something unique that will stand out as a good representation of her skills and abilities. So far this year, students have created more than 26 banners that have been featured on the WAHS website. Each banner takes roughly three to four days to create, depending how intricate and detailed they are.
Whether it’s in the classroom, at her job, or through her extra-curricular activities, the hard-working senior always gives it her all and strives to do the very best she can. When speaking with her, one can easily forget that she’s still in high school because of how mature and forward-thinking she carries herself.
She’s one of those rare individuals who at a young age already have a good idea what they want to do with their lives. Castro is an immensely creative person who has always enjoyed working with computer programs and studying fashion. Upon graduation, she plans to either work as an animator for a film company, like Pixar or Disney, or become an editor of a high fashion magazine.
While those may seem like lofty goals to some, Castro feels they are well within her reach. With graduation coming in May, she plans to major in graphic design and attend either Clemson University or Savannah College of Art & Design.
For being West Of’s Student of the Month for the month of December, Felicia Castro will receive a $10 Paisano’s gift card and a Paisano’s T-shirt. Paisano’s Pizza Grill is located at 1798 Ashley River Road. For more information call 818-4969 or visit www.paisanosji.com.

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