This week’s athlete doesn’t fall too far from the family tree. West Ashley High School junior soccer star Remi Olalere’s father Patrick Olalere was a professional soccer player. When Olalere was growing up she always wanted to be just like her father. She seems to be well on her way. During this past season, Olalere scored a total of 14 goals and has four assists. She holds the record for the second most scored goals in WAHS history.
Her teammates describe Olalere as funny, aggressive, and outgoing. In addition, they’ve helped her become better at playing soccer. “It’s not always about yourself. It’s about everyone else and your teammates,” says Olalere. One of the goals she hopes to achieve is to play a game with the US Women’s National Team.
After graduating from high school at the end of the next school year, Olalere says she would like to attend the University of South Carolina or Furman University to study Exercise Science and also play soccer.
Olalere’s love of soccer is so strong that it’s as if it’s a part of her DNA. When asked what’s kept her playing, she says, “I’ve always had a passion for it. When it comes to doing something you love, always give it 110 percent.”

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