Ricardo “Rico” Herriott is one of West Ashley High School’s prominent gentlemen and all around great students. As a part of the Young Gentlemen’s Club, an NJROTC program at West Ashley High School, Herriott has grown into a strong and influential leader. During Black History Month, his voice echoed throughout the halls each morning during the announcements, as he informed students and staff of accomplishments of many African-Americans.
“I am pleased to nominate Ricardo Herriott as West Ashley High School Student of the Month,” said Herriott’s NJROTC Commander Robert Turner. “Cadet Lieutenant [Herriott] has been a real inspiration for the junior cadets and many of the student body as well.”
Herriott demonstrates his leadership skills by spending many hours of his own time helping to mentor first year cadets by working with students in the two Naval Science I classes. In addition to being part of the Young Gentlemen’s Club, Herriott is also a member of the WAHS Drumline. “I cannot think of a more deserving student for Student of the Month than Rico Herriott,” said Turner.
When asked why he chose Herriott for West Of Student of the Month, WAHS William Runyon said because Herriott is an outstanding leader with a strong ability to inspire others and bring people together. “He has outstanding oral communication skills and connects with audiences whether they are students or adults. His ability to transform groups of people assembled under one roof into an energized unit focused on a single purpose is outstanding,” said Runyon, “As WAHS’s principal, I count on Rico as a senior leader to inspire our students, communicate our school successes to others, and passionately make people feel positive and purpose driven in our work. He is exceptional in this role and truly a future community leader!”
When he found out about being Student of the Month, Herriott was shocked and honored all at the same time. “I love helping others behind the scenes. I love helping people for the better. I don’t do it for the glory or recognition; I do it because I want to,” says Herriott, who strongly believes that “the teamwork makes the dream work.”
As sponsors of the West Of Student of the Month, Paisano’s Pizza Grill in West Ashley will provide the student with a T-shirt and a gift certificate to the restaurant, located at 1789 Ashley River Road. 

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