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invention convention phox truittNext time you find yourself locked out of your house with only your iPod what should you do? That's the problem St. Andrews Middle School student Phox Truitt solved when he created the I-Lock for St. Andrews Middle School's first annual Invention Convention. Truitt created a device that incorporates iPod technology and allows a person to hit a sequence of piano keys on an iPod to control a house's lighting and door locks. Truitt's invention earned him the 1st Place Overall prize in the Sixth Grade Invention Convention, which was held in the school gymnasium on March 17.

Second Place Overall went to Elijah Mercer for his ADD-Auto Dish Dryer-made of PVC piping that surrounds a dish drying rack with a hair dyer connected to the pipes that diverts air to several locations around the dish rack. Third Place Overall went to Jazmine Brown. Her invention was Money for the Blind: puffy stickers on paper money to help people who are blind or have impaired vision distinguish among the different monetary denominations. Other inventions included Trash Time, a trash can with a special warning device incorporated into the lid that would indicate when the trash can is full; a Fishing Fan made with a reel and fan blades; Drive Time, a solar car that can be run by a solar-powered remote control; Purse with a Purpose, a purse with hidden pockets; and Magnetic Cups so that preschoolers who are making the transition from a sippy cup to a regular cup will do so without spilling their drink.

West Of congratulates these super students on a very inventive job well done.