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geostraction steve hazard rick rhodes galleryStarting this week Rick Rhodes Photography & Imaging presents an exhibition featuring local glass and metal artist Steve Hazard. Geostraction is a collection of functional and decorative fine craft in metal and kiln-fired glass. The show will feature sculpture, objects, wall works, and furniture.

A graphic designer skilled in glass and metal art, Hazard's artistic talents in offhand glassblowing. kiln-forming, glass-fusing, and etched glass have drawn from many cultures. He fashions original creations in vibrant colored-fused glass and heavy walled, thick clear glass. He also designs and fabricates furniture in metal and glass. As a professional artist for more than 25 years, Hazard has explored a variety of media motivated by his own curiosity and the demands of challenging projects.

Primarily a self taught artist, Hazard has a formal education and training from Becker Community College in his hometown of Worcester, Mass. However, while in the military, he also spent nine years as a graphic designer and illustrator while based in Europe. He studied art and graphic design at El Camino College in Gardena, Calif. and techniques in offhand glassblowing at Palomar College in San Diego, as well as techniques for kiln-forming and glass fusing in Vancouver, British Columbia.

geostraction steve hazard rick rhodes galleryFor more than 18 years Hazard has been using glass and metal to create original art works in a variety of formats. In his most recent work, he designed kiln-formed panels of colorful fused glass to create sculpture, furniture, functional objects, and wall works. Welded and plasma cut steel provides structural support and decorative treatments for his furniture, sculpture, and wall works.

According to Hazard all the art mediums he’s worked with, glass is the only one that provides the continuous tones of color he’s always trying to achieve working with paint, textile dyes, and ceramic glazes. Over the course of his career, he has had opportunities to create works in glass using many different techniques including stained glass, sand-carving, glass blowing, kiln-forming and fusing. Glass fusing offers a process to make art glass in color combined with intricate design.

Steve Hazard’s exhibit Geostraction will open on Thursday, Oct. 4 with a reception from 6-9 p,m. It will be on display until Oct. 31. Rick Rhodes Photography & Imaging is located at 1842 Belgrade Ave. For more information call 766-7425 or visit